My Journey has been a long one, with so many crazy rides I could open up a theme park.  I’ve watched documentary after documentary, read book after book, tested strategy after strategy and jumped on every idea I had just to get where I am today.

I still have a hell of a lot more to do to become the best, but finally realised I have everything I need…


Self-doubt is the number one issue that prevents us from jumping head first into our dream and become successful. It causes us to become out of sync which has a knock on effect causing us to be unsuccessful, which in turn causes more self doubt. 

When you harness your own power & raise your vibration, you will succeed there is doubt about it.


My 1-2-1 coaching sessions includes: 

  • 60-minute session where we action your negative beliefs, plan your business strategy so you’re left with clear actionable steps to keep you on efficiently on track to creating your business.
  • Unlimited email access – seriously no question or ideas is to be kept undiscussed.
  • Unlimited feedback on your ideas and execution. I’ll tell you what’s going to work and what might need some extra attention so you succeed.
  • Free additional courses and programs that are applicable to your journey that will be added in the future.


This two month plan will help you get over the your first hurdle – starting! The first few months of any business are the hardest because your passion is high yet returns are low. I am here to keep your spirits high while making sure you are investing your time in the right places so you don’t sink. Our fortnightly meetings will keep you constantly expanding your business and give you a chance to share your concerns and overcome those limiting beliefs. 

Your Investment: £250.00


You’ve finally got your business off the ground but find yourself stuck. Sales have steadied. Traffic has not increased. You’re starting to consider packing it in. This junior plan made up of eight sessions over four months will help you figure out whats going on, how to change it and get your business out of that plateau. 

Your Investment: £400.00


For those of you who are looking to expand your small business into a worldwide success this plan is for you. In these sessions I am more like a partner than a guru. During our monthly meetings we will look dive deep into your to create a niche plan that’s only bound for success. You will be more confident in yourself and your business than ever before. 

Your Investment: £600.00