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We LOVE Jeff Rose from Make Financial Cents because he gives you no bullshit advise about investing your money. I regularly spend nights sitting on the sofa with my other half binge watching his videos with a notepad by my side trying to absorb as much information as possible in a bid to add another 0 to my bank balance. 

I have sifted through all his Youtube videos to give you my top five Jeff Rose wisdom nuggets. SO grab yourself a cup of tea and a notepad and get ready to start improving not only your financial well being, but also your future.  


Sort Out Your Credit Quickly

If your credit score needs a boost, then this video is for YOU. You can raise your credit score by over 100 points by doing one simple thing.


Start Investing

Have £100 to spare? Alright then… Let’s go

Here’s how to start your investment journey with just £100. And no it doesnt involve putting it into an ISA account. 


Stop letting the BS get you in debt!

We are always looking at things that people have. Their cars, homes, and vacations. We start to obsess about them, then we start to measure our success based on these things that people have. It can get very dangerous when you start comparing yourself to others. You start making bad decisions. cut the BS and do you!



Broke to Millionaire in 5 years.

Imagine only having £2.26 in your bank account. Now fast forward 5 years…..and you are a millionaire.

Can you go from being  broke to being a millionaire in 5 years? Does that happen? IT DOES & IT DID.




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