We know that investing money is daunting, I mean can you honestly risk losing £500 in the hope of earning some quick money? No. However, If your savings goal is more than five years away, investing your cash into stocks could allow you to earn more from your money and keep up with rising prices.


Jeff Rose CFP 

The founder of GoodFinancialCents.com  and author of Soldier of Finance, Jeff is the man we always turn to for help. His YouTube channel is full of  strategy plans that are tried & tested. There is no-one else we would recommend to offer you guidance on investing your hard earned cash into stock & Real-Estate. We have posted our favourite videos here




The autopilot investment company you can trust with your future. We first came across Wealthsimple.com after the girls at The Finical Diet couldn’t stop talking about how easy it was to invest your money without being a stock market know-it-all. 


Wealthsimple invest your money across the entire stock market using funds that track the global economy. This way, you take advantage of market diversification without betting on just one company’s stock.

All you need to do is answer a few questions and they’ll find the right mix of investments for you, based on your personal goals. The best part – there is no minimum investment. I pay £10 a month into my account and still reap the benefits. 



Fundrise is a crowdfunded platform that allows average investors access to real estate returns they could not access on their own or through a traditional REIT.

Their bread and butter are real estate deals that are overlooked by large institutional investors and out of reach for most individuals.

Investing with Fundrise is available to non-accredited investors. Simply put, that means that anyone can invest with them, you no longer need to be insanely wealthy. Since Fundrise crowdfunds capital ahead of acquiring a property, they can move quickly providing a large amount of cash to invest in a short time window. This allows them to focus entirely on senior debt and ownership positions that dramatically reduce the risk of the investments.